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Why is it that when men,(and sometimes women) are gathered together, the subject of breasts always comes up. Think of all the time men spend staring at hooters. Consider the number of descriptive terms given breasts; mammories, rack, set of lungs, bosoms, hooters, huge hooters, tits, titty, titties, tiny tits, floppy tits, firm tits, boobs, knockers.

You would think that someone would develop a course in the care and handling of tits for non owners. A good name for the course might be tittyology. They could cover things like why feminists protest by going topless and then get pissed off when men stare at their tits. Or how to respond to the phrase "Hey I'm up here". Or how to practice the one handed bra release with out being accused of playing with women's under clothes.

They could even set a definitive standard for when a breast is considered firm and when a breast is considered floppy. Who knows, they might even be able to come up with some guide lines on when and when not to ask a girl if her tits are real or store bought. We here at Titty Flasher Photos, a division of Party Hardy Inc, would like to offer our support.  We will donate our collection of titty flasher photos to any accredited school wishing to offer a course in tittyology.